Saturday, September 10, 2011

Still here!

Well... its been quite the whirlwind of emotions and I have only been here for three and a half days! When I was driving into the city I couldn't decide if I should puke or get out of my car and dance... such a toss up I know. As I followed my GPS I ran into a Target! I knew this place would be great! After being welcomed into the city (honked at multiple times), I realized that I needed to become a more aggressive driver I suppose? Such a warm welcome. Then I realized that every street in Chicago is basically a one way street (thank God I can read signs) and that every intersection has a stop sign. cooool.

As I drove around the area I felt at home. I live in the "Bridgeport" area. It's diverse, cute, has a fab coffee shop and of course every kind of food imaginable. I love it.

My little apartment with Sister Donna is small, but homey. My room is similar to Harry Potter and the closet under the stairs... haha no just kidding! I love it! I have my own bathroom, and my closet is down the hall, so that's interesting. Living with Sister Donna is good. I think the lady may have more energy than I do. We watched the Saints, Packers game the other night together and she got so excited when, "those guys started running and their little legs move so fast, its just so much fun." I wake up every morning with coffee already made, its delicious. The other night we went to this Mexican restaurant called mi tierra (I think) for a marg. haha It was an awesome, crazy family style restaurant. Very authentic, there was a crazy mariachi band and I think we might have been the only white people in there. It was awesome. Oh and they had different flavors of margs, had a Guava one... sooo good and the rim was covered in that chili pepper stuff. Very interesting....

Yesterday, I tried my navigation skills at the public transportation system! I took the L down town. I live right next to the Orange line which takes you directly into the heart of the city. Very convenient. As I went to put my CTA card into the machine, I couldn't figure out how to do it... total newb status.... Some worker man had to show me and then proceeded to tell me that I better run up the stairs because the train is just about to leave me..... I made it haha As I rode into the city i'm pretty sure my eyes were glued to my phone to make sure I didn't leave that little blue floating dot on my route to downtown, (best iPhone app I could have downloaded) I made it to Grant park! Then walked around aimlessly... such a great afternoon.

I'm not for sure what I am going to do today. Sister Donna and I came for breakfast and coffee at this cute little coffee shop called, Bridgeport Coffee House. I think it may be my home away from home (aka The Roasterie). I think I may head to the Northwest side (probably not really what I am supposed to call it) for a craft/art fair... oh la la

Tomorrow I shall be traveling to Dayton, OH for circle training! I am quite excited to see what this technique is all about. I filled out my Juvenile Hall papers, so in a week and a half I will be spending some time in Juvi Tues/Thurs chillin with some gangsters. Be jealous ;)

Through the past few days, though I'm sure I have made it all sound like glamour and amazingness, I have realized more than ever that I live hundreds of miles away from everything that I know. Especially everyone I know. I miss you friends and family. I'm pretty good at being independent I suppose, but I miss having someone to go on adventures with. Buuut i've only been here three and a half days, so I should stop complaining.

Off to some adventure, hopefully I don't get lost! Or maybe I should ..... hmm


  1. I tried posting a comment to this last week and it never showed I'm trying again. Mom has tried commenting too without success

  2. Hooray!! the other comment worked!! So my original post was telling you to go get lost in the city for a while - your phone can always find you and get you back to your apartment when you are ready to go home. Love you!