Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The beginning....

I can't really decide how I should start this whole blog thing. I'm still wondering how I ended up where I am. Never would I have thought I would be running off for a year to some city I know ..... ehh not a whole lot about to volunteer for a year. Here I am less than 24 hours before I hop in my little car filled with the things I "think," I will need for the next year (we'll see how that goes) to head to Chicago!

For starters I will warn you-- Do not judge me on my grammar, lets be honest it sucks. My high school English teachers thought so as well. So bare with me... I had a very hard time coming up with a title for this thing so I asked my nieces and nephew and they came up with:
The Dora Maker (Eme) annnnd
Fart Machine (Creason)
I don't know how I passed up those names....

Ever since I can remember I have loved doing volunteer work. Some of my cousins may call me a "do-gooder." Some may say it was my parents who first started me out volunteering at anything and everything. Maybe it was friends, a youth minister.... who knows. Then I choose to do a year of service work. I cannot tell you exactly when I knew I wanted to do that either. What I do know is that I cannot wait to see how this year turns out.

For a year I will be working for Precious Blood Ministries. There are many different avenues or areas in where I could work and be involved with. So for me to tell you exactly what I am doing, I can't because I don't really know yet. I know that I will be working with kids and teens of all ages, those in or out of juvenile facilities. I will be helping with "Peace circles," (a technique of sorts that I will have to update later on, because I don't know exactly how to explain them yet) mentoring, after school programs, tutoring, ect. (and by ect. I mean... ehhh who knows what else.)

Some of you may know this, some not but I promised a little bit of a paragraph dedicated to my roommate. Most volunteer programs room you with a group of fellow volunteers as your "community living," situation. Well Precious Blood has a little bit of a difference. I will be living with a Nun, Sister Donna. After my orientation, I actually am very interested and intrigued by this new experience. I have met her once, she's awesome. She commented on my purse, so she's good in my book already! I talked to her earlier today and she sounds excited for me to move in and has a pretty intense social calender awaiting my arrival. (More on Sr. Donna in the near future.)

As I wrap this little post up for the day, I will continue enjoying my last beautiful day in good ol' Kearney, Mo sittin under a tree with a root beer float (courtesy of my nephew Creason). Pray I don't get lost on my way up there (even though it sounds like an easy route, lets be honest, I'm kind of a blond sometimes). I'll keep ya posted !!!

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