Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Education: If proper education were given to everyone, what would our Nation look like?

It's interesting what kind of people you meet, and conversations you get into down here in, "Back of the yards." I get to sit and listen and watch what is going on around me. Here at work, every day is different. Some days I am busy tutoring away. Other days I have nothing to do. But that's the best part, because then I get to just sit and talk to who ever walks in the door. The boys are starting to recognize that I will be here for a while. I am always warmly greeted with a hand shake or a smile. I love it.

I was talking to Sr. Donna about who knows what and we started talking about education. Between boys and girls in Juvi and who walk through our doors, we come in contact with many young people. I am always impressed to meet and listen to whatever they have to say and I am always impressed by some of them. There are so many of these kids who are so smart and well spoken. You hear what they have to say, and sometimes I feel like I could close my eyes and be listening to some impressive lecture. No joke. Or even if they are in Juvi for drugs or for whatever reason they are there. There are some that can do math quicker than I can (okay maybe that's not saying much..... I'm not a huge fan of math). Or know how to do things I had no idea possible like: prying the metal part of a pencil off to stick it into a light socked (apparently its not strong enough to electrocute you, but fumes come out of it... sooooo you can smell it......) Sure, that knowledge definitely is not necessary, but that's smart stuff. The point that I am getting to is..... what if these minds were taught and given proper education. They are more than qualified. The brains down here are good minds. Those minds are thrown into jail because of their actions, but what if they had real education? It just bewilders me to think that there could be writers, activists, politicians, doctors, nurses, lawyers ... down here. If only education got more attention and took care of more children..... Maybe there wouldn't be as many arrests, killings, shootings, gangs? Sure you could argue that they had a different education, raised differently than myself.... duh. Of course I don't know how to hot wire a car in 5 seconds. There is street smarts sure, but what about education. If some of the kids had education like myself... how it should be.... What would our world look like?

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  1. Very deep and inspired thoughts today sister...